• D4rk0dse

    So ages ago,(probably a few years ago) I heard this creepy pasta on youtube, I dont know who it was by, or the name of it, It couldve been any number of the big story tellers, i dont know, Ive scoured MCPs channel, but my search so far has been inconclusive,

    From what i remember, it was depressing, but I remember it being incredibly well written, and vaguely, the plot was along the lines of, a person(i think a teenager) taking a form of antidepressants and such, and when they slept, they had dreams/visions of a being/entity(yeh i checked there as well, no results) Of a guy, at first they where scared of the being, then they started talking, and the became good friends, and im pretty sure, After they got taken off the medication(i think this…

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