Okay, so I'm going to start a new Pasta and I'm stuck on deciding which one to choose. I know they are a little unoriginal but here they are:

  • Scream.mp3
  • Jump
  • How many left?

Option one revolves around a singular deadly file that floats around in a 6-inch floppy disk. If you can endure the sounds, you get a prize. If you fail...bad things.

Option two follows a girl, the only memory she has is that of fun. But when she sees a strange thing outside her hospital room, she investigates, and starts a journey of untold horror.

Option three is about a small town, just on the Canadian-American border called Rofterheld. The town is home to many strange folk. And every time one person passes through for any reason, one more of the residents goes missing.

Please! I need your input!