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    Been a while

    July 16, 2013 by D00MED2CREAT

    So...been a while, huh?

    Either way, through the rest of the year I've got a whole storm of stories coming your way, as well as some artwork from a beloved friend and a few spinoff pastas of my own stories.

    Just a few of the pastas (and the names are subject to change) are:

    -Burn Like Me*

    -The Reaping*

    -True Sight*

    -Rebuilding God*

    -The Seamstress*

    -It Repeats Itself*

    -Seared To Bones

    * -Spinoff pastas from Aledda

    That's al for now, GL HF out there!

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    Moving On...

    May 3, 2013 by D00MED2CREAT

    So...part one of 328 Aledda is released now. Expect more parts soon. These will be released slower paced for many reasons.

    The two most prominent are:

    i) Writing the first one gave me nightmares. And I need a break from writing.

    ii) Bacon and I can't always get together to write these things.

    I hope you guys understand. GL HF out there!

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    New story!

    April 28, 2013 by D00MED2CREAT

    I'm doing another pasta with the assistance of MABACON475 titled 328 Aledda. No promises, but we had to stop writing because we were going to give ourselves nightmares.

    Look forward to that! I expect it to be multiple parts, so it'll work in chapter format.

    'till then, GL HF out there!

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    Ima back!

    April 17, 2013 by D00MED2CREAT

    Well guys, I have returned with a vengance. I'm breaking the fourth wall. I'm making a new pasta inspired by the romantic environment of Cuba about, you guessed it, LOVE. Look forward to that.

    I took some inspiration from the country itself and the mood it sets as well as a rather personal thing I'm dealing with right now related to the topic. This one's going to be very close to my heart. But you don't care about that. I'll see you guys when it's done!

    GL HF out there!

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    Time for Cuba

    April 7, 2013 by D00MED2CREAT

    I finishd it, just in time too. I'm getting ready for Cuba, considering we leave tomorrow. I'm not going to be on for about 8-9 days. Maybe more if I need a break from all the excitement.

    Either way GL HF out there!

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