It seems to me that a great many people continously butt heads with any form of legislation in place to maintain a certain level of intellectuality on this Wiki. Many people complain about the myriad rules, the many regulations, and the constant vigilance of the moderators, insisting that the system of law and order imposed is too rigid, and not malleable enough to promote a welcoming environment.

But let's be honest.

Without the hard work of the mods, admins, VCROCs, rollbacks and CM's this Wiki would be like so many others. A shambles; a total mess of broken links and troll-infested pages that are no good to anyone on this green earth. The systems, and structured hierarchy in place on this Wiki have resulted in a literary haven for those who care about their stories, and want them to be presented in a clear and orderly fashion. There are a great many very talented writers on this Wiki, some even with the potential to make it as a serious author. All the admins are doing, is attempt to ensure that the high standards thusfar set out by Cleric and the rest of the team, are maintained, promoted and disseminated throught the body of writers and readers that congregate on this website. 

I'm not trying to suck up to the admins or curry unnecessary favour for myself, by no means. I'm merely saying that before we complain to an admin that your horrendously edited, badly conceived and reprehensibly formatted pasta has been deleted, just take into consideration the reasons why. Maybe you could take literary advice from a friend or family member or even the Internet to assist you in your quest for grammatical improvement? Maybe you could ask another member of the Wiki to read through it first if you feel like it could use some improvement? Or maybe, and here's a wild, off-the-wall suggestion. How about hitting that spell check button on your word processor? It makes a remarkable difference, I assure you.

So ladies and gentleman, lets cultivate this wonderful, disturbing, creative, twisted, exciting and inspiring community together!

(Thunderous applause)