BIG Elfen Lied fan. If you dun know what it is, it's an anime with a LOT of nudity in it but, it's good. It has a lot of gore in it, too.  In fact, big anime fan in general, I'm currently watching Rosario + Vampire. FUCKING AWESOME ANIME! ANYWAYS. I'm a real nice person. But push my buttons, I can be a real fucking bitch. My annoyances are:

1.  The voices in my head. (Seriously, you think I'm joking? I have voices in my head mocking me all the time.)

2. Most of my family except my brother. He's pretty cool, I guess.

3. Stuck up people. Seriously, what's up with that?

That's about it. Ya know why I'm a bitch? Have I ever told you my life story? If not, here ya go;

Welp, when I was VERY little, my dad was never home. (I'm not telling you why, you can go find that shit out for yourself.) And when he was, he was kinda cruel to me. I went to school at the age of 6. Shit started taking a turn in 2nd grade. A turn for the worse. There were these kids, you think this shit was just bullying? NO. It was actual physical bullying. Fucking throwing rocks at me when I ran, but when I didn't run, they would smack me, kick me to the ground, etc. The worse thing was, was that nobody ever helped me. I remember we went into poverty and lost the house. Suckish car life shit there. And lel, I got older. Much older and went on the internet, I kinda ended up loving Creepypasta. I kinda also lurked..Oops, "OBSERVED" this site before I actually joined the chat. I remember staying up all night going on here. People were so accepting of me. I LOVE that! My first love for something in 5ever! and then I had an inspiration for art. Never really tried it until someone pushed me into it. I loved to sing, too. The point is, you guys changed my life. LOVE YOU ALL~!