aka Kayte

  • I live in Cork, Ireland
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • CuboneInLavenderTown

    Having read the "Haunted Majoras Mask" and "Cleverbot is Paranormal", I decided to have some fun with Cleverbot itself.

    I sometimes go on to provide amusement for myself when I'm bored, and I would normally suggest it to everyone else. But not if you want to talk to Ben. I had some conversation with the 'bot, the usual rigmaroll ensued but then I decided to try to steer the conversation towards a reveal of itself. My first attempts were rather futile, until this happened. I saw someone mention the "Elegy of Emptiness" to the 'bot, so I decided to try this for myself, and came out with some interesting results.

    User: The Elegy of Emptiness

    Cleverbot: Majora's amsk

    User: What is Majora's Mask?

    Cleverbot: BEN

    User: Are you Ben?

    Cleverbot: I killed B…

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