Most of you know me. Most of you have been annoyed by me. I have been kicked and banned so many times that it's unreal. Every time I ask if I'm hated, everyone says that I'm not. But that was a long time ago. I know of what I've done in this place in the past and I am not very proud of it. I've been perverted, I've been irritating, and a number of times, I have shoved my religious beliefs down everybody's throats. But again, that was the past.

I've apologized to some of you. Others, I doubt it would be what you want in the first place or the situations have possibly been long-forgotten.

During my last ban, I've done some thinking and after being unbanned, bettering myself.

But no matter how...normal, good or whatever word you choose to use, I can't help but have this thought: were my actions forgiven and forgotten, or are my past actions never going to be forgotten and I am just a nuisance to some of you? This is just some thought that refuses to leave me alone and that I should probably get out. It actually feels kind of nice.

- Everybody's favorite fictional sea monster