About: The story tells about the events that took place on a girl's thirteen birthday.

Monster name: the Reflection

Appearance: Pale, veiny skin, pitch black eyes, sharp, bloodstained teeth

About: the Reflection is genderless, able to morph itself to the features of its victim. It only appears on the victim's birthday, starting at the thirteenth and every birthday afterwards. It can only be seen on the birthday, but can constantly be felt everyday in between. Watching...contemplating attack. It will drive its victims to paranoia, and even insanity. Once this is accomplished, it can attack. It will take a chance when the victim is alone with a mirror. Whether it be in the bathroom, bedroom, anywhere where they are by themselves and a mirror is in the room. It will lure them to the mirror and....well the teeth are bloodstained for a reason, my love. Sometimes the attack my occure before insanity is acheived. Why? Well because that means the victim is ignoring it. It hates being ignored. If ignored, it will make its way out of the mirror and tear the victim slowly apart. One layer of skin at a time. One limb at a time. Very very slowly until the victim finally dies. What is done with the body afterwards is unknown, as there is never any trace of the victim after it is done. Records, papers, sometimes even friends and family of the victim disappear completely so that their is no proof of their existence. Be's watching you.