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February 26, 2015

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Hello, I'm Catherine or CrystalKiller, i've just joined. I love to write and draw. That's why i have a deviantART and Wattpad account. I did have a quotev but my mother deleted it. So i'm guessing i can post blogs on this blog thingy. Anyway i'm a teenager i won't say exactly how old i am. Because that is just how i am.


I had a pretty good day. I didn't go to school because i was sick. I already did my homework, i drawed a little. Oh! I wantex to talk about my older brother Ray. He likes to play games he is really good about computers. He wants a gaming computer my father odered him one with tax. My brother kinda knows but we are trying to hide it. But he'll be getting it next wedensday.

Well bye, i'm gonna go check my stuff.👋 CrystalKiller~

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