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A note about me

Okay. So, I am not one of those people who say "I really am a Creepypasta and I live in the mansion and am best friends with Jeff, etc etc bullshit, etc." But, I do roleplay and LARP for Creepypasta. So when I post, I mostly say 

"Today Jeff broke the Television again. Benny wasn't happy." 

Or some shit like that. 

I am talking about my roleplay. I admit that it would be cool to live with the 'pastas. But, alas, I do not.

ALSO! One thing that I really really REALLY hate is people who say "Oh god, Jeff is so hot." "Slenderman is my husband/boyfriend." No. They are murderers. They will kill you, eat you, torture you, or all of the above. They won't date you or fuck you. End of story, goodbye, the end.

I will also make way too many Harry Potter references for my own good. 

I hope you will put up with me.


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