How's it going, Creepypasta Wikia? Happy Friday!

So I'm going to do my best to ask questions snd interact with people on this site through my blogs every Friday. The title will be a question, in which I will explain more about at the end of the blog.

So I haven't been reading a ton of creepypastas lately. There are a few in mind I have been meaning to check out:

Any Creepypastas I should check out?

Finally, the question. What scares you? I know this sounds like a vague, universal question, so: what are your fears? What do you dread? When you read a Creepypasta, what do you look for for shock/scare value? What are some Creepypastas that scared the living shit out of you? Comment below telling me your thoughts.

My answer? Ambiguity.

I believe ambiguity in a Creepypasta causes wonder and dread of what might happen next. Not just Creepypastas nor horror movies. Real life, too. When I hear a real life experience that has ambiguity to it, I'm scared what's behind the ambiguity. The Internet and Deep Web is a better example of this. Who the fuck knows what's on the other side?

Which leads me to my former Media teacher's favorite political cartoon...

Internet dog

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

Take care,

Crying Nate