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Suspicious .rar - Transcriptions of .ogg

Quick introduction - Some time ago some asshole was spamming a .rar link that nobody wanted to click. However one brave user (Op) entered it. He found eight .oggs and a .rar called "Secret!" that had a 9th .ogg. In here, I shall write the transcription of what I hear. Note that this WILL not be perfect. Also, another note: This is NOT a blogoid. PM me (chat would be the best option) if you want the link.

1 - Intro (The Sun Anthem).oggEdit

???: Can you purify your [???]? You can use the equipment in the bedrooms.

Echo'd voice(s?): Why won't you let me handle the stone? Can't afford anymore fluce [copper coins]. [???] my research, but I can't risk another collapse. The stone!


???: [??? (might be a name)]


Another demon (?): Where do you think you are going?

[someone burning, loud scream]

2 - The Blocked Passage.oggEdit

A [Moriel]: Another blocked passage... A small amount of black powder should be enough to blast these rocks.

B [Samuel]: Perhaps we should just back away instead.

Moriel: We must press on. If Lial was correct, the searches will be worth the risk.


Samuel: Is it... safe to go inside?

Moriel: We haven't come all this way for nothing. We shall tread carefully.

Samuel: [???]... Do my eyes play tricks on me...?

Moriel: This... is incredible! But, we can't be really sure if this is really it.

Samuel: Just look at it, it's... The Philosopher's Stone!

Moriel: It seems Lial's notes were correct...

Samuel: Don't touch it, Moriel! We don't know what it's capable of yet! We have to be very careful.

[some sort of yells or something, I 'unno]

Samuel: The Stone! Moriel, what have you done?!

Moriel: I'm sorry Samuel, I didn't mean--


Samuel: Run, [name]!


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