Sup fuckers, Crimson here, and I've been thinking: why not do a blog out of this site that's surprisingly more social than facetwitspace will ever be. The people seem nice enough, and I enjoy the site.

So I had a creepy pasta written up, but looking back on it I'd rather hear a chalkboard being raped with a fork than read that damned thing, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this.

within a minute of posting it, it was deleted by guy, and I honestly have to say thank you for that. Saved my ass royally. Hopefully I can still make the deadline from my last post. I'm going to chill for today, and I might work on it at the comic shop I hang at on Sundays.

Anyway, for now I want your advice. Yes, you random ass freaks that write shit that would give nuns heart attacks. What would you rather see me do psychological horror, or the creepy ass monster story? fyi: The one hat got deleted was of the latter.

I'll be in the chat often, so let me know, or simply comment. Also tell me if you'd be interested in hearing from my ass every day. Well, this is Cadavre signing off. Peace. And be sure to go to sleep :)