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  • Crewsjp8

    Thanks for the positive feedback regarding my last blog post "Apologies". Anyway look forward to my next creepypasta, because it wont be stupid in any kind of way, it will be creepy and will be analyzed for punctuation errors (unlike the one that was deleted). But this blog post wont be analyzed other than me so I apologize for any of that. Also I will be working with a few people that have a little bit more experience than i do with writing and have a very creepy and dark imagination, so it will be a very creepy story and may be popular. It will also come with a very creepy picture that iv'e been working on in photo shop, a bit more creepy than the one that came with "Necronatio" my failed attempt at a creepy pasta. So That's all i have t…

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  • Crewsjp8


    March 10, 2014 by Crewsjp8

    I apologize for the recent creepy pasta i attempted. The reason why it was a big text wall is because i copied it from notepad. I have no idea how it got turned into a big wall of text. However im glad it got deleted because of the text wall because it was a bit stupid and it was incomplete. also sorry about accidentally posting it in the blog section, im new to these wiki type websites and was a bit confused. My next creepy pasta i post will be alot better and there wont be as much confusion next time. Again sorry about that. 

    The reason why i am posting this is i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about me or the things i write.

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