• Creepywolf

    Dear diary:1

    October 13, 2013 by Creepywolf


    I'm starting over with my life. Up until this point I really have been...well not the best person. But I'm willing to put that behind me now I've moved away from my old life. Everything and everyone I used to know and care about are gone. They are alive but chances are I will never see or hear from them again. I'm not sure wether to feel sad at the thought or glad I can start again. I guess I should introduce myself, my new self. I am now Vivian Seribie age 26. I live in Creston,Ia it's a nice place good neighbors,generally clean city,and best of all no one knows who I am or anything about me really. I live in a small two bedroom house near the city I won't say exactly were but it's quite comfortable for just me. Alone for the first t…

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