Hello creepypastas! Before I even start telling you anything about my self I must state that;

I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling issue in my writing, 
I try to fix them but english isn't my first language

So I'm telling you I'm sorry but I know the haters will still be there, they always come. So hello there , my name Creepywarmbook, but you can call me CWB.

I'm a young writer (I write on sites and chats so it's not really my job) and write in most generes, but as soon as I discoreved creepypasta, I knew it was my true passion. I have not told anyone but my internet friends, the one I never see, about this, because I am afraid of what people might say, I'm just afraid.

I like reading more then writing, but I enjoy them both.

That is all I can give without letting my Gender be known,