Yes, yes, I know, needs to be good, blah, blah, blah. But the administrators should consider that I, and others too, are new to creepypasta writing, and consider keeping it up so the readers can decide if it should be taken down or not. It's rude and unfair for them not to consider that there are new creepypasta writers here and to at least give them a chance! I hope that they aren't dumb enough to do that ever again, or else they would really bad administrators. You know, I think new, kinder administrators should be chosen. I really don't care if they kick me off of this creepypasta. I can just back with a NEW name, and they wouldn't be smart enough to notice.

To the administrators: I hope you know you guys are rude. If I were more shy, I wouldn't have done this. All of you administrators are SUPPOSED to be giving the newer writers tips and advice on how to improve our writing, not just deleting them in under 24 hours, you goblins. DO NOT take this lightly, cuz you should never take the truth lightly.

To the newer creepypasta writers: Keep on writing your pastas. Don't let them take down the stories. The first time they do, write something like this. The second time: edit it to make it more rebellious. If they keep on doing it: just continue writing your creepypastas over and over again to anger them, but when they lash out, ignore them! They are no good!

so, administrators, I hope you don't take me for granted again, cuz I won't always be here to contribute to the creepypasta wiki.Don't take any writer for granted cuz none of them will last forever.