Hello there. I have just started this account two days ago and it's pretty ok. I am going to start to write a pasta soon called "anonymous killer" and if it is bad, don't blame me because it is my first time writing one that i'm actually going to publish. I have made two before and they were just for fun. They were called "Mr. Hide and Seek" and "Jessica's Nightmare". If "anonymous killer" turns out to be good I will make more pasta's and even put "Jessica's Nightmare" on. Maybe not though. Anyway, I guess I will start talking about me. I live in Cortez Colorado. I can dance and I can act. The first time I got into Creepypasta was when my brother made me watch "Squidward's Suicide" and made me answer some questions to see if i actually listined to the story. After that it was "Jeff the Killer" and "Warning" etc. The most shocking thing about me is i'm male. DUN DUN DUN! Yeah not so shocking. I should end this. Do do do do do do do. Oh sorry. BYE and GO TO SLEEP.