ill never ever forget the day i saw.... him. It was a nice sunny day in BC so i decided to take a walk and look around the campground.It was nice to see everyone having fun . It made me happy since i was so young when this happened,so i was as jolly as can be at that time.So at night i would usually go to bed in the camper ( this trip in bc was a week long) and i would just look through my small round cornerd window ( sorry i dont have much grammar in my words my keyboard doesnt work well ) but tonight for some reason i closed the blinds....I never was this gloomy in my life since a relative had died some time ago. But during my sleep i heard a scream like.. not a person in fear but loud and just plain normal . i thought it was just some people playing around but i looked and no person was outside except for soem of my friends at the campfire with their parents.

But other than that i thought it wasnt them since it probably was very disturbing to the other campers asleep. and i didnt go outside since i was young (plus the door was locked) but it wasnt them since i heard one of them say WHAT THE HECK IS THAT NOISE! all the way from their camper.In the morning i decided to sit on grandmas lap while my uncle and his friends and my relatives chatted away.

i glanced over and saw a furry tall figure stare at me and my relatives and grandma but none of my relatives saw this. how did they not see this?" i wondered and i saw it move into the woods and i knew it wasnt a man in a suit because i wondered about a week ago (i was much older by then) and i decided to think about how its muscles moved appropriatley and it moved about like what? five feet? in about three steps( im not sure  how far it went cause it was a distance away behind a log).

but some years later i started hearing about other people seeing a tall furry figure in the woods called the giant ape or bigfoot. I thought bigfoot was a better name since apes are too small.... so today as i sit by the computer desk and type i never forget...