• Creepypastaisawesome2

    i saw him

    January 3, 2013 by Creepypastaisawesome2

    ill never ever forget the day i saw.... him. It was a nice sunny day in BC so i decided to take a walk and look around the campground.It was nice to see everyone having fun . It made me happy since i was so young when this happened,so i was as jolly as can be at that time.So at night i would usually go to bed in the camper ( this trip in bc was a week long) and i would just look through my small round cornerd window ( sorry i dont have much grammar in my words my keyboard doesnt work well ) but tonight for some reason i closed the blinds....I never was this gloomy in my life since a relative had died some time ago. But during my sleep i heard a scream like.. not a person in fear but loud and just plain normal . i thought it was just some p…

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