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  • Creepypastabook

    It took me almost two years of being on here on and off the write a pasta that hasn't gotten removed. Feels good man. If you wanna check it out it is here.

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  • Creepypastabook

    Why in the first place did we turn away from talk pages? I like them a lot more than the using the comment section.

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  • Creepypastabook

    Creepypasta Idea

    August 29, 2013 by Creepypastabook

    Here is an idea for a Pasta. I am not good enough of an author to take this and end it correctly so I am giving it to whomever wants it. 

    False Oasis / Dark Oasis. - 

    A man is riding a ATV through the desert and runs out of gas. He takes his water and food and sets out on foot. He starts following to tracks but a sandstorm blows them away when he is about a mile from his ATV. He starts wandering and finds a town in the desert. The town is built of stone. The town is a maze with buildings throughout. The man finds it and you can take it from there.

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  • Creepypastabook

    I am starting a website for a real Creepypasta forum. I will set up the actual forum and a new logo for it tomorrow.

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  • Creepypastabook

    February 17, 2013 by Creepypastabook

    Okay I went to and it redirected me to I thought this was going to happen so I was fine. I saw the face so I zoomed in and saw that it was made up of "funnymouth." But then I tried to close it out my computer started tripping out and it kept saying not responding. I heard a noise outside my door. That and the not responding thing made me do what any mature person would and scream like a little girl. O)_(O Oh well it was a coincidence I hope.

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