I check around my door to see if my parents are out there but luckily the cost is clear, neither my mom or dad are out there. They most likely won't hurt me as long as I let them hurt my younger brother and sister anyways but that's not happening. I slide out into the hallway and walk towards my siblings room just as I hear my younger sister and brother screaming for help then I hear two things that sound like my mom or dad slapped them both. I gasp and run there but the door's locked so I kick it open and run inside. That's when I see that my mom and dad are smiling down at my now dead and bleeding siblings and I scream. I can't help but blame myself for this mostly because I should've been watching them and making sure that our evil parents didn't harm them, but no I had to be practicing ballet for the play tomorrow. I glare at my terrible parents then let my other creepy form come to life. Whenever I transform I have black leggings,black tutu,black mask,red eyes instead of hazel,and a tight black Shirt,and to finish off my transformation I have black claws and blood splatters all over my clothes. My parents look terrified and I laugh evily then I slowly torture them to death, just laughing as they beg for me to stop."Go to sleep!" I yell as I stab both of them in the heart and I continue laughing like a maniac.(yes I stole that from Jeff the killer, don't be hating.) They call me the Bloody Ballerina.