aka The Unnoticed Editor.

  • I live in Pastaville, United States
  • My occupation is Fixing bad pastas, Don't ask my real live occupations.
  • I am Asexual
  • CreepyheroofTime

    I've just edited a story, and I noticed the lack of describtion on it. Since I, an editor, am not responsible for such a thing, I didn't bother to put it in in fear the author would attack me and in knowledge that my responsiblity did not extend that far. It has gotten me thinking, how much obscurity should you put in a story and where is it acceptible and appliable? Fear of the unknown is a very prominent and flexable fear. You can make a rainbow sound scary and fearful if the person doesn't know what a rainbow is or can't figure out it's a rainbow. It prompts the need for obscurity since the fear itself is about not knowing. But can it get to the point where there is just questions and not fear? If there is, where is that line? Can it al…

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