• Creepyflame

    Hello everyone

    July 30, 2014 by Creepyflame
    Hello I just wanted to introduce myself. 
    I'd perfer be called "Flame" but call me what you wish. I'm a fan of creepypastas and aspire to write my own stories. I seek to write stories that can entertain and frighten the reader. 

    About myself
    I can be quite a joker once I get to know someone. I tend to be shy around people in real life. When not doing anything I like to watch Youtube or play video games, also I make stopmotion videos in some of that spare time. Though I haven't been that inspired to do anything more with video making. I can say however that I will give this a shot and mabye do some dramatic readings.
    I'm playing with the idea of a being that stalks and kills people almost like a sport. I don't want to give all the details but …
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