If there's one universal complaint here on the wiki, it's that there's simply not enough "lost episode" creepypastas to go around. I mean, if you think about how many TV shows have been created since the dawn of the television (~30,000), and you compare that to how many lost episode pastas that have been written (~12,000), it's clear that we still have long way to go. Don't you agree that the Honeymooners is every bit as deserving as The Simpsons when it comes to this form of writing? I certainly do, and let's not forget classics such as Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman, The Lone Ranger, and Dif'rent Strokes, all of which would make great fodder for new pastas! With that said, I know it takes quite a bit of work to craft these devious tales, but don't be dismayed, for I present to you, the LOST EPISODE CREEPYPASTA GENERATOR! Now, instead of spending fifteen minutes on one of these stories, you can whip one out in only seconds. If we work together, we can get to every show in only a matter of days, and each new story will be every bit as unique as the ones that are already in existence. So go ahead, pick a show and give it a try, post your results in the comments!