Creepy Creator

aka The Dead one

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on November 22
  • I am Killer XD
  • Creepy Creator

    im gonna create a new creepypasta..a girl.. kinda the same as ben but shes also a human..her mind is a crazy thing she can materilaize anything from the games she once haunted like ben she was trapped inside games..not a game but muliple ones.. and she escaped taking on human form with the mind of a game shes already almost immortal... she knows whats coming before it happens and can protect herself from almost anything shes one badass chic im creating her whole sotry what she does her abilities and her game hauntings and how she escaped on will be called "The Newest Pasta" i may change it along the way who knows but look for it soon ;D my wattpad is something along the lines of Ticci Toby's Lover O.o lmao dont ask xD

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