So, I'm wondering about what people are thinking about Lil' Miss Rarity's latest entries. About not accepting Pastas and getting rid of content because of its quality. Personally, I am all for a 'spring cleaning' of this Wiki. Though, flat out rejection of content seems to irritate people mostly.

Lets go over the good things about this. Look over well written Pastas such as "The Pastel Man" by Vincent VenaCava; a well written story with great quality. That one pasta can show you how to write a good Pasta. And many of us are writing Pastas, either still writing them or finishing and editing them. We should take a look at high quality Pastas to learn some stuff. Then, you might not get flat out rejected. Now this part might've not made sense to some, so I'll put it in a summary.

If you are currently writing and/or finishing a pasta. look over a well written one to see what you can edit. A little variety of grammar is a good way not to get flat out rejected at this time. And don't be dull. No one wants to read "I walked outside. There was something standing near the streetlight." (Everyone should know that...)

One of the bad things about this is that one of your beloved Pastas may be removed. Instead of arguing with the admins and saying that they were great stories, take a second to think. Was the story well written? Did it make you afraid of the dark or anything? Was its grammar and spelling correct?

( Here is the link for "The Pastel Man." )