Okay guys! im kinda new here so I figured the best way to learn how to work this site is posting some stuff about me.. so yeah, I hope you guys dont get too freaked out... 0-0 sometimes i even scare myself. 

Randomness level: ORANGE :D 

Favorite Food: Mom's homeade potato soup (am I a cannibal? :0)

Favorite Drink: Mr. Pibb 

Favorite Color: Purple, and/or Garnet 

Favorite Munchie: Chips, honeybuns, tootsie rolls, crackers, leftover Chinese... the list goes on and on (and yet, somehow, im skinny o.O)

Favorite Shows: Supernatrual, Buffy, Bones, and Adventure time >:D

My Personality Be Like: Crazy and bigmouthed, always ready to do something dumb just for the sake of doing it. If you hurt me I'll let Karma get you... but if you hurt my family or my best friend, duck and cover, because I just became Karma. Not a people person at all, but if you get to know me your either going to hate me or love me, there isn't a grey area with me.

Favorite Hobbies: Bow and arrow shooting (WATCH OUT BITCHES I'M KATNISS BUT SHORTER), reading, drawing creepypasta and whatnot (if you want i could post pictures?),browing YouTube and watching pointless videos for hours, procrastinatig, and as always, being completely socially awkward.

Stuff I Love: Percy Jackson, sleep, my family (most of the time), my homies, dogs, and long relaxing car rides with Eminem blaring out of the speakers as I yell at all the other drivers.. even though I'm not driving.

Stuff I Hate: Homework over a weekend, studying, gettting up early, the Jeff haters (GO DIE IN A HOLE THATS ON FIRE), homework in general, when people smack on their gum and then get offended when I smack it out of their face, and the people who dislike dogs. (IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU PLEASE FOLLOW THE JEFF HATERS INTO THE HOLE THATS ON FIRE.)

Pet Peeve: People who are always responsible and never outgoing, just because i feel bad for them because they will never know what it feels like to jump off a roof while on fire. Poor jerks dunno what they're missing... *sigh*

~-~-~  hope you learned something, and CONGRANTS TO THE PEOPLE WHO DIDNT RUN AWAY SCREAMING!!! I may be posting something else sometime.. sometime in this century, at least. Anyways goodbye mah peeps, continute your procrastinaton. >:3  Peace