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aka "That" Girl

  • I live in America
  • My occupation is Sleeping, eating, and fangirling
  • I am Female
  • CreepyPotato138

    Okay guys! im kinda new here so I figured the best way to learn how to work this site is posting some stuff about me.. so yeah, I hope you guys dont get too freaked out... 0-0 sometimes i even scare myself. 

    Randomness level: ORANGE :D 

    Favorite Food: Mom's homeade potato soup (am I a cannibal? :0)

    Favorite Drink: Mr. Pibb 

    Favorite Color: Purple, and/or Garnet 

    Favorite Munchie: Chips, honeybuns, tootsie rolls, crackers, leftover Chinese... the list goes on and on (and yet, somehow, im skinny o.O)

    Favorite Shows: Supernatrual, Buffy, Bones, and Adventure time >:D

    My Personality Be Like: Crazy and bigmouthed, always ready to do something dumb just for the sake of doing it. If you hurt me I'll let Karma get you... but if you hurt my family or my b…

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