Hey there, user! My name is CreepyPasta_Anime_Lover!

Anyways,moving on......

There is still time to become a helper in a creepypasta anime with me! I don't care if your new (Like me) or well known (I don't know who!) I don't even care how old you are (Unless your a creepy-old-man-stalker-guy-thing) I only care if you are willing to work the whole creepypasta anime through. The only thing I require actually is your username, and if you want a made up character in the story, or a character that actually exists. (Please when you message me your info things do this: Username: (Insert username) Character: (Either put made up, or created) If you either created character, or made up, please send me a picture of the made up character, including the name, do the same with created.


Okay okay...I don't really have anything next..... Wanna go back to the creepypasta thing now? (No.) okay then..moving on...AGAIN

Here are a bit personal things I do in real life: The violin, I listen to music 24/7, I'm a tom boy, (I'm listening to music right now fyi...) okay, thats done with.
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My profile pic! <3

I get hurt a lot, don't worry 'bout me tho! Kitty cat face! =^-^= kk im gonna insert a picture of my profile pic, k? bye bye!!