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February 22, 2015
  • CreepyPasta Anime Lover

    Hey there, user! My name is CreepyPasta_Anime_Lover!

    Anyways,moving on......

    There is still time to become a helper in a creepypasta anime with me! I don't care if your new (Like me) or well known (I don't know who!) I don't even care how old you are (Unless your a creepy-old-man-stalker-guy-thing) I only care if you are willing to work the whole creepypasta anime through. The only thing I require actually is your username, and if you want a made up character in the story, or a character that actually exists. (Please when you message me your info things do this: Username: (Insert username) Character: (Either put made up, or created) If you either created character, or made up, please send me a picture of the made up character, including the …

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