• CreepyPastaTheArrival

    Deep in the Chambers lie 3 very, uh, er, special ponies. They of which are named Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash.

    Whoah! I shouted as I fell through. No! Stay! Fluttershy shouted Don't leave again, hush now. It's alright. Fluttershy replied Is that you I hear? My love! You came for me! the yellow Pegasus hollered Where did you go? Come back! Please come back! Fluttershy wailed Oh, why did this happen? Come back! she yelled for me

    Get over here!! Or I'll rip your head off! the rainbow Pegasus screamed You'd thought you'd get away didn't you!? Ahehehe! You won't get away this time! she hollered I found you once, I'll find you again!! This isn't over yet. I will find you! she yelled I will kill you! You cunt! Yes, keep making those sounds. she finished.


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