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    Hello people of the Creepypasta Wiki

    (Pffffftt not a cliche intro at at aaaallll... )

    Soooo.... Which Creepypasta is your favorite? I will put these in catagories from killer - to lost episodes. 

    Lost Episodes: 

    A. Dead Bart

    B. Squiwards Suicide. 

    C. The Rugrats Theory

    D. Ed, Edd, and Eddy- Lost Episode. 

    E. Candle Cove. (I think its a lost episode...)

    F. Suicide Mouse.AVI

    G. Happy Appy.


    A. Jeff the Killer.

    B. Clockwork

    C. Jane the Killer

    D. Ticci Toby.

    E. Homicidal Liu

    Internet Based/Games

    A. Sonic.EXE

    B.Tails Doll

    C. Smile.Dog

    D. Lost Silver

    E. Ben Drowned

    F. Herobrine / Enderman

    Mystical Creatures: (I guess...)

    A. The Rake.

    B. Laughing Jack

    C. Slenderman

    D. Eyeless Jack

    E. Mr.Widemouth

    F. BOB

    G. Hoodie and Masky (I guess.... o.O)

    Thank you for participating …

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