MARCH 21ST, 2014

I know, I know, I stole the title from that one creepypasta, whatever. There weren't any rules set for what your blog name should be, so if you wanna do that, go on right ahead, no one's stopping you---or maybe there is. I don't know, that's not my problem. I'm just here to make it easier to understand me. There are 3 rules: 1. I will ALWAYS be updating this blog post, everyday. 2. Any hate mail/comments I will absolutley ignore like grammar or something. It's MY blog post, you wanna have 110% perfect grammar, go make your own. And 3. I will try to make at least 1 creepypasta per week.

There. Now that we've got that settled, I think it's time to say a few words. Today I had badminton in gym, which was horrid. Trust me, badminton isn't as easy as it looks. The weather is dreadful. Its cloudy and windy with a hint of precipertation. It feels like Ireland weather here, pretty much. Well, I'm out of ideas, so thats all for today. Peace~

MARCH 22ND, 2014

After seeing my responses to this blog, I've decided that I will try to write a creepypasta every 2 WEEKS, allowing myself some more time to come up with a good one, despite that I already have plenty of ideas for a creepypasta in my head. Anyways, the reason why I get up so early and do this and stuff, is because I'm not a person who sleeps in. My sleep schedule got messed up a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. Today, the weather is quite nice. Hope to see how you guys react to this. Peace~