• Creepy1992

    missing texture.dll

    August 27, 2013 by Creepy1992

    One day I was on Minecraft 1.6.2. I saw something in the distance, I was on small render distance because my internet was slow. I thought to myself, 'This is much like the Herobrine theory' but instead, the player had MY skin... The eyes, instead of being white were...completely black. This freaked me out and went on my friends server to tell him what had happened. He said that it was probably a zombie under a tree and thought it was your skin. After all, zombies do have black eyes. I invited him to my house and opened my world on LAN. We played for a while, maybe about 2 hours. Nothing. it's almost like he could see there was somebody with me. I was frightened. After he left, I put the world on my server, I got banned. The message said 'B…

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