• Creeperhepper

    Life the Kitten

    June 28, 2012 by Creeperhepper

    I walked down a street on one very normal day. The trees looked very alive and their colours were beautiful. On the sidewalk I accidently stepped on a white kitten. The kitten was fine, thankfully, but I felt bad for the kitten. So, I took the kitten in.

    The kitten was very energetic, annoying most seniors would say. I nicknamed this kitten, Life, due to him being full of life. Life never seemed to claw or bite like other kittens would. He was very odd compared to normal cats.

    I kept him for a month, he never seemed to grow at all. My neighbors cat grew quickly but, Life never grew a centimeter. Life would never go outside even if the weather was perfect. He would just sit there and stare at me with his little eyes. Never blinking it seemed. …

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