Hey guys, you're average new user here, Creeper50, back to write more blog posts!

Creepypastas are...well, amazing. They can scare you, catch you're attention, and take you on fabulous journies. There is an age-old quesiton about this wonderful genre: What is the greatest, biggest, most mind-blowing and terrifying-est pasta of them all?!?

In this blog post, YOU shall decide which pasta is worthy of the title! This poll will be split into 2 parts, each in a separate blog post. In this post, you will say which pasta you want nominated. This is the format you will use:

Title: (Insert title here.)

Author: (Insert author here.)

Reason: (Insert why you think it's the best here.)

User Requesting: (Insert you're username here.)

Note: Be sure to link to the pasta's page, as well as the author's home page.

You can nominate only one pasta. In addtion to nominating one, afterward, you can view the other nominations. You can reply to them saying wheather you agree that a pasta should be on the list or disagree. Once a pasta gets three more positives than negetives, inculding the original comment, it will be accepted into the final poll, and I will personally say good job to the author on their talk page. Here's the format for supporting or opposing another nomination:

My Thoughts: Support/Oppose

Reason: (Insert reason here.)

Note: For you're nominations or you're voting on another nomination, don't give a genric reason such as "This is good and deserves the title." 

I will create another blog post for the voting once this blog post dies down and there are at least 6 pastas that have gotten into the final poll.

Enjoy the nominations and have fun!

Creeper50 (talk) 15:16, November 11, 2015 (UTC)Creeper50