No light at the end of the tunnel

Where's a free soda when you need one?

She calls

Welcome to Planet Phone!

Not for the poor

Can I get some free money?

Snow balls

Brrrr...maybe some hot tea will do.

My tool box

I call this artwork "My Tool Box."

Hey guys. It is Creeper50 back here once again to write more blog posts. As a notice for those of you who notice I have been posting artworks, I am going to notify you that they will all be posted on this blog post, and I will edit it to add more overtime.
Prison block

God, prison life is so hard!

Dry paint

I may have seen these pictures before.


Tell in the comments which brand you hope is inside the box!

Creeper50 (talk) 21:01, April 11, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50