Like I stated in my last blog post, shows that were taken from YouTube channels have an unhealthy reputation. The most well-known ones were Breadwinners, Annoying Orange, and Fred: The Show, all of which were hated by many, although some of them did well financially.

Anyway, like before, we're going to discuss YouTube channels that just might work as TV shows. Feel free to say in the comments any that I may have missed.

  • Blender Guru

Concept: Andrew Price takes us through the basic and advanced methods to help you become a CG artist.

Why it should be a show: Andrew Price is a welcoming host. All the tools he uses are cheap, if not free. Price is well-informed, modest, and informative. Who knows? This could become the next "Joy of Painting."

  • Game Theory

Concept: A man named Mat Patrick, or Mat Pat for short, develops strange, often elaborate theories on video games.

Why it should be a show: Most of the theories are interesting, with a lot of intelligence to them. The main benefit of this being a show would be a potential for network backing, therby longer length, allowing the theories to become even more complex than they already are.

So, yeah, that's the blog. As stated earlier, please tell in the comments what YouTube you want to see as TV shows. But for, Creeper50 out.

Creeper50 (talk) 22:13, February 4, 2017 (UTC)Creeper50