So, I played Until Dawn for the PS4. I love scary games and choice-driven games, so I knew I was in for a treat. (Spoilers ahead!) Here are some of the best moments from the game:

The Intro: This what kicks off the story, and its pretty good, as it sets up the characters and tone and introduces you to most of the gameplay. Even though I knew Hannah and Beth would die, I still wanted the sequence to continue forever because I felt like I was right there with Beth. No, I felt like I WAS Beth.

The early conversations: The conversations that occur before the teenagers know there is a killer with them are some of the best in the game. They dive further into these characters, who are all interesting and well thought out. Every single one has their strengths and weaknesses and perks. Many of them, such as Chris, take on different versions of familiar character stereotypes. For example, Chris is a nerd, but what makes him stand out is how he accepts his "nerd" status.

The twist: Until this part, the plot is a bit generic, what little standard-ness there is left is thrown away thanks to this part. I'm playing Chris, and him and Ashley are tied to chairs. Chris is given the choice to shoot himself or Ashley. Before he makes his choice, the psycho comes in and reveals himself. He's Josh, the friend who told the other characters to come join him on the mountain in the first place.

The wendigo: This creature is a myth from native american legends, I think. If one resorts to cannibalism in certain places, they turn into a wendigo. They get with skin, teeth like daggers and long, agile arms and legs. They reveal themselves to Emily while she is escaping a mine. 

Josh's hallucinations: Josh is caught by the wendigo and thrown down a pit. When he wakes up, he vegans to experience hallucinations of his therapist, Dr. Hill. He then sees things that are graphic, to say the least. He sees the inside of a brain, then sees a pig peeking through the tissue. The pig has his guts begin to fall out, out from which rise zombie versions of Beth and Hannah, who blame Josh for their deaths.

So yeah, those are some great moments from Until Dawn. If you have any other good games recommended for me, suggest em. In the meantime, I'm out!

Creeper50 (talk) 23:48, December 17, 2015 (UTC)Creeper50