Note: Before we begin, let me just say that I respect your thoughts, or else I would not have posted this. Please respect mine as well. Thank you.

Hey guys, Creeper50 here, back to write even more blogs.

A new project launched on kickstarter by a youtube channel called Cynide and Happy. That channel is know for animation shorts that make funny jokes, albeit sometimes controversial jokes.

The project  is a plan to make a game where you arrange cards to create a 3-frame comic strip, often with a rude joke at the end. So far, it has gained 244,000 on top of a goal of 10,000.

You may be wondering what issue this project shows. Well, the problem is not the creator's fault. It's that this project is run by famous youtubers, and this could possibly distract backers from projects made under less famous brands or under no brand at all. It's perfectly fine for famous people to take a shot at kickstarter, but the intended purpose of kickstarter is to help new brands get off the ground.

This is not the first time this happened, though. The most funded film project on kickstarter is The Veronica Mars Project, based off the TV show of the same name. This film was made under a brand that was well-known and had been made over 5 years ago. There was also a project to re-launch Mystery Science Theater, a TV show from the 80s. Just like before, well-known brand, at risk of becoming a distraction from newer brands. The final project that is evidence for this was a project launched on indiegogo. It was launched by Tobuscus to make a game where (Who else?) Toby is a wizard and casts spells to kill zombies. The project recevied hundreds of thousands of funds from various backers. Based on what you keep hearing me say throughout this blog, I guess you can fill in the blanks from there.

In summary, famous people and well-known brands on crowdfunding applications could possibly distract backers from newer brands. When crowdfunding began to become mainstream, this was not a issue, but it is now. At the current rate new brands' funds are declining in favor of well-known brands, it is anyone' guess how long before it is completely skewed in favor of well-known brands.

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Creeper50 (talk) 21:07, February 10, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50