Hey guys. Creeper50 here, back to write more blog posts!

I'm here to say that I have found out sometime ago about a fascinating, little known variation of the video game creepypasta genre. This is what I refer to as "in-game" video game creepypastas. Since it is hard to put in words, let me give an example of an out-of-game video game pasta and an in-game one.


"I pressed W, and my character moved toward the tree and began to punch it."


"Steve began to move toward the tree, ready to chop up some wood."

See? The idea is that one is where the video game is a separate world from ours and takes place in that paticular world. Two good pastas that fall under this umbrella inculde I Won't Leave You and Purple. One advantage this genre holds over video game pastas is better chances for relatable characters, as we have a character exploring a whole new world and not a male or female sitting at a computer for most of the story. It also allows the writer more creative freedom because you don't have to comply with what is allowed in the video game in real life for the story to feel real. For example, if I were writing about Minecraft, and made a scene where Steve vomitted after consuming a carrot, that wouldn't be that convincing in a normal video game creepypasta, since characters in Minecraft don't vomit, but if it were in an in-game creepypasta, it would be OK, as the world is being portrayed as a real world and not a program.

So, what's your favorite creepypasta in this category, and what advantages and disadvantages does this type have over a normal video game creepypasta? Thanks for your input, and bye.

Creeper50 (talk) 22:44, September 14, 2016 (UTC)Creeper50