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  • Creeper50

    Hey guys, Creeper50 here, back to write more blog posts.

    I was wondering this since yesterday: Since there are many stories that are great ideas done poorly, I wondered if the opposite ever happened as well. Could a bad idea be done greatly?

    I think the answer is yes. If the idea is bad, it sure won't create the best story ever, but it could still be turned into an exceptional story. I'll offer proof.

    There is a popular movie called Planet of the Apes. It was a good story, but let's think of how stupid the idea was. "Apes take over the planet." That's the idea. Here's another: "A bunch of dinosaurs in a dinosaur zoo escape and cause destruction."

    These are both somewhat stupid ideas, but they are both considered some of the greatest movies eve…

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  • Creeper50

    How To Revise a Draft

    September 24, 2016 by Creeper50

    Revising is one of the most importatnt things any writer should do. It ensures that all characters are dynamic and interesting, that the plot doesn't have any holes, that the story is unique from the millions of other stories out there, and so much more. So how do you do it?

    Before you dash into revise-story land, take 2 weeks to a month off from writing. Don't just do that, pretend you are not a writer. Don't talk about the story or start a new one or make plans for revisions in advance. Don't do anything related to the story during the break. That way, by the time you're ready to get back to the story, your proudness of having completed the first draft will have faded away, allowing you to detect every mistake.

    Plot holes are the main sour…

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  • Creeper50

    Hey guys. Creeper50 here, back to write more blog posts!

    I'm here to say that I have found out sometime ago about a fascinating, little known variation of the video game creepypasta genre. This is what I refer to as "in-game" video game creepypastas. Since it is hard to put in words, let me give an example of an out-of-game video game pasta and an in-game one.


    "I pressed W, and my character moved toward the tree and began to punch it."


    "Steve began to move toward the tree, ready to chop up some wood."

    See? The idea is that one is where the video game is a separate world from ours and takes place in that paticular world. Two good pastas that fall under this umbrella inculde I Won't Leave You and Purple. One advantage this g…

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  • Creeper50

    Note: This was copied from the wiki where I originally posted it. Sorry for the HTML that was added automatically.

    Compelling characters are the brain of any good story. Well written characters will keep the readers leaning forward, wondering if he can accomplish his goal. Bad characters, on the other hand, will make the readers go away.

    Let's suppose you have a character who is not likable. Note that I say likable, not compelling. For example, your character is manipulative and selfish, or even worse, he's a savage serial killer. How do you get a reader to root for that character?

    [hide]#Step One: Make Sure He's Unlikable from the Start

    1. Step Two: Weakness, Weakness, Weakness...
    2. Step Three: Reasoning
    3. Step Four: Personal Goals
    4. Step Five: Quirkines…

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  • Creeper50

    Hey guys. Creeper50 back again, and better than ever! Today, we're going to talk about blood.

    In the old days, blood was one of the most popular scare devices in horror. See something disfigured, and you would think "Oh god. I don't want to end up looking like that."

    Today, however, blood is considered the enemy of shock value, because it now represents desperation in writers and shows that they can't think of other ways to crank up the scare factor.

    However, blood is being hated more than it needs to be. Blood can't be labeled a cliche, unlike what many say. Why? Because it is very vague. If anything could be labeled a cliche regardless of how vague it is, we wouldn't be writing stories because that would be a cliche.

    Additionally, blood can …

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