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    Once, I had this question: What are the potential uses of romance between characters in a fictional story?

    After reading a book(which I shall not name to avoid being accused of advertising), I got a great idea for what just might be the best use of romance in stories.

    Your character will have some kind of weakness that is runing their life and making it hard, if not impossible for them to accomplish what they want to do. This weakness leads them to take stupid, often unforgivable actions that become worse and worse. As a result, other characters, usually allies, begin to point out the character's flaw in his thinking. Eventually, he either realizes that he's wrong and changes his ways or doesn't listen to his allies and is destroyed.

    How does…

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    Stories are like Animals

    February 20, 2017 by Creeper50

    Since you're on this website, I assume that you like stories. I love them. They hold your attention, emtionally grab you, and glue you to your seat.

    Some of you may have even tried writing a story. I certainly have. If you ever tried to, I have a question for you. Did the story ever "evolve," so to speak, into something you didn't intend it to be when you started?

    This has happened to me. When working on my story,  "Leader," the protagonist turned out to be someone I thought was just going to be an side character. It has happened to other people too. According to "Lessons from the Screenplay," the director of American Beauty, Sam Mendes, stated that when working on the film, he was intending for a more "comical, whimsical" movie. He further …

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    Dead Silence

    February 11, 2017 by Creeper50

    I decided, since Dead Silence is a horror movie, why not post this?

    Anyway, Dead Silence is a movie about a man named Jamie, who must determine why his wife was killed by a doll. He does so by going through his old hometown of Raven Fairs.

    I watched this movie, and I'll list the positive and negatives.

    Positives: The pacing is strong-the plot always knows where it's going and never focuses too much on any one scene. Also, although some disagree with me on this, the twists were pretty good-unpredictable, but hinted at. The editing and lighting are good too, setting the tone exceptionally well.

    Negatives: Most of the characters are one-note. They suffer from that problem where we only know the details about the characters that concern the plot. …

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    Like I stated in my last blog post, shows that were taken from YouTube channels have an unhealthy reputation. The most well-known ones were Breadwinners, Annoying Orange, and Fred: The Show, all of which were hated by many, although some of them did well financially.

    Anyway, like before, we're going to discuss YouTube channels that just might work as TV shows. Feel free to say in the comments any that I may have missed.

    • Blender Guru

    Concept: Andrew Price takes us through the basic and advanced methods to help you become a CG artist.

    Why it should be a show: Andrew Price is a welcoming host. All the tools he uses are cheap, if not free. Price is well-informed, modest, and informative. Who knows? This could become the next "Joy of Painting."

    • Game…
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    It is no secret that scary stories like the ones you see here are full of blood. From Necrosleep to Blind Date, blood is a creepypasta's middle name.

    It is also no secret that color is vital in any story. Like a soundtrack, it sets the mood. Descriptions of bright lighting can suggest an upbeat feeling, while dark tones can suggest the opposite.

    So how can the color of blood make a difference? Imagine this: A man creeps down an alley, and sees his wife's corpse, bleeding from the stomach. The dark color of the blood, maroon or oxblood, for instance, suggests the sadness that the man feels as a result of this tragic scene.

    Now, imagine this modified version of the scene: The man sees the same scene, but with something else-his wife moaning and…

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