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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you guys had fun, spent time with your families, and overall GOT PRESENTS! I actually got this laptop I am writing on, so yeah! I thought we might do a little Q&A action up in here, but read the rules:

  • Don't be pervy, it doesn't get you attention.
  • Try not to offend other users.
  • Try not to ask too many questions unrelated to me.
  • Yes, I'm a boy, so don't ask a billion times.
  • Don't advertise your or others' pastas/stories.
  • Don't roleplay, you already know I'm not in it, so just don't.
  • Don't ask gory, creepy, suspicious or drug-related questions.
  • Limit emojis and faces. (Things like :D)
  • Try to use understandable grammar, you don't have to be like me, but make sense.
  • Get creative and derpy.

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