Ok, it's CrazyWords here and I have a little list to make that I've been thinking about. It's the "Top Ten Comments Authors HATE!" Hear we go!

10. I know that place/thing/item/etc.

Authors hate this because creepypastas are ment to be fake. By saying "I know that!" you are protesting against the basis of Creepypasta. The only time this is tolerated is when they actually use a real item.

9. Bad grammer.

Authors hate these because they don't tell what grammars wrong, or even take the time to add a little more! If your going to use this please have comments that can actually help the author.

8. This reminds me of...

Authors hate this because if it's OC they never, EVER want it to remind you of another story, usally. If it's by another author, typically it doesn't matter as much. If they are comparing you to a writer, then it's fine!

7. I LOVE THIS Authors hate this STYLE of comment, because of how annoying it is to read in all caps.

6. The Accusation

Authors of OC hate this, because the comment is usally accusing them of plagiarism. I (luckily) haven't had this happen yet, but I have seen some other OC being accused.

5. I knew it

Authors hate this for the most obvious reason, the reader is claiming that they are predicting how something is going to turn out, and that they were right.

4. This shouldn't be on the wikia

Authors hate this because if they hate the story that much to tell them it shouldn't even be on the wikia, then they have a problem with it. Not to mention how this is usually all the comment says.

3. Roleplay

Authors don't like this because it cause repetitiveness for the whole page, and BANS the person that does it.

2. Who's writing this?

Authors hate this question because of the story its self. It RUINS the whole feel of the story, especially if you read the comments before, as seen in 300 Pounds, which is a great story.

Before number one, here's two honorable mentions!

10/10 Good! Or 0/10 This Sucks!

Authors hate this because they give no explanation of why the like/hate it! It leaves them with a WTF face.


Authors hate this because that is all they say! That's it! They don't explain why, or, quite frankly, anything!

And the worst comments are...


Isn't it obvious why people hate these?

Please comment if you disagree or think I missed one!

Thanks for reading!

--Welcome One And All! 20:30, April 19, 2015 (UTC)CrazyWords