Hey, it's me again, I would like to say somthing about the newest addition to our beloved forums, The Writer's Showcase. I origanlly supported the idea, but now it's simply turned into a mess of stories without any comments. I think they need to add certain things to it, in fact, here's a list:

1: Have a wiki member choose a pasta to spotlight (not on the front page, but on the front page of the showcase) in order to make sure that there is some order.

2: SORT THEM, have the authors put in the titles what genre there pasta is.

3: Have them reviewed. It's thread so they will not be reviewed before being put up, so there will be crappy or troll pastas in there adventually.

That's it. Thanks for reading! The Greatest Stories Are Never Told, CrazyWords 19:22, March 24, 2015 (UTC)CrazyWords