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The Mudkip Has An Update

Hey guys, quick updates from your resident Mudkip (yep, I got a nickname). Let's get started.

1. I had the "Retired" template because it was an in-activity notice.

2. I was promoted to Admin on the Starpolar and Spinpasta wiki, thus taking up most of my time.

3. Although I will no longer be holding any contests, I will be participating in them.

4. An admin (I currently believe it's UnderScorre) is taking over the Fairytale contest. I forgot to edit this out! Anyway, the reviewing. I should have to more reviewed by tomorrow.

5. I'm working on two pastas, one a ghost story, one a very original Disney story (it has nothing to do with ABD so it doesn't have to be a spinoff).

So, yay! I'm back and glad to see everyone!

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