So, I took a break from writing and got my creative gears turning. So can I ask you for help, <insert name here>? Please vote on your favorite idea!

Here are the candidates!


A lonely woman is trying to find a room mate, and she ends up finding one, but she is promptly murdered. Another roommate comes, it turns out she is carrying 4 different identities, each one for a different state. She later finds out one of the identities is the dead roommate, and she's running from her homicidal ex-husband, who killed her roommate thinking it was his ex-wife.

Family Tradition

A groom learns his to-be wife is trying to kill him, per "family tradition", and trying to make it look like an accident. When he finally confronts her, she tries to stab him. When she is unable, he watches as the family kills her, then him.


A son watches as her mother slowly deteriorates from brain cancer. He stands by her day and night, but he starts to here her mumbling homicidal thoughts about his Dad, Sister, Grandmother, and even himself. He slowly begins to go insane, and kills his mother.


A child figures out that whoever and whatever he touches will die a year later, same time, same day. We slowly start to look through his life, and in the end, we watch as he takes an interview on TV, and promptly dies from a murderer, who turns out to be his brother, that blames him for his mothers and father's death.


A women with three personalities, one is a hardworking mother, one is a prostitute, another is a homicidal maniac. The story will be a collection of short stories told from her perspective.

*Can be collaboration

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