Hey guys! CrazyWords again (you guys are getting bored of me, aren't you). I'm here with another contest, but this one is different.

This one I'm giving you a fairy tale to darken.

Do not simply retell the fairytale with slight alterations. Your story will need to be significantly different from the original. Get creative with it. All stories will be held to the site's quality standards. When you've completed your story, post a link to it in the comments section of this blog.

Let's start with rules:

1. No spinoffs and/or blacklisted subjects.

2. Must finish in the time frame, which is one week. Time will start when I give you a subject. Time zone is central.

3. Time will not be bent.

4. Stories must be posted on site.

5. If time runs out and your story isn't posted, too bad. You're disqualified.

6. I will supply a link to any fairy tales that I choose.

7. You will be judged on three categories:

7a. Plot

7b. English (Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)

7c. Creativity

9. To enter, post "I'm In" in the comments.

10. Entries will be open until May 23rd, 12:00 PM (UTC).

Extra information: There is no word limit.

Reminder for Me: Add five tildes at the end of each subject, like this ~~~~~, and UTC time is five hours ahead of my time zone.

Winner will go on a list of winners on my user page, and currently I'm the only judge.

Thanks for reading! I'm CrazyWords, I love you all! Talk to me Baby! Contributions! 17:02, May 9, 2015 (UTC)CrazyWords

Regarding Recent Drama

I will finish this contest, and get around to everyone. Avenge, your next, then Humbolt. Humbolt is last because his is a Nom.