Well, here we go. I really enjoyed Blacknumber1's Writing Competition, so why not have my own? So all you have to do to enter is say "I'm in" below. I will reply and say "Go", the topic, and the time you entered. You will have 2 days to write a story, and post it. Then link it in the comments. The winner will be posted in another blog. Entries will not be accepted for the competition past April 10th, but after the deadline, you can still you this in order to get topics. Thenumber of people moving on will be decided on how good the pastas are, and there will be 3 rounds. I will post if you will be moving on in the comments of your pasta. Entries are being accepted right now, but you have to write it when I say ok, because you will start to be timed then. Thanks for reading, CrazyWords

Never mind, I think I'll take ten entries, but no more!


1: AGrimAuxiliatrix1 Deadline: 4:40 PM, April fourth. AGrimAuxiliatrix1 scored 8/10 for the pasta,"My Parents Weren't Meant To Be Together"

2: Natalo Deadline: 1:49 PM, April fifth. Natalo scored 7/10 for the pasta, "Angel Of Light"

3: ShadowSwimmer77 Deadline: 7:59 PM, April fifth. ShadowSwimmer77 scored 7/10 for the pasta, "One Last Drink"

4: The Koromo Deadline: 5:16 PM, April seventh

5: Theboywithburninghands Deadline: 4:13 PM, April eighth. Theboywithburninghands scored 8.5/10 for his pasta, Pickens and Crest.

6: Hung by math Deadline: 7:47 PM, April eighth

7:Aterenum Nox Deadline: 5:34 PM, April tenth. Aterenum Nox scored 8.7/10 for his pasta, I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire.


1: Theboywithburninghands

2: AGrimAuxilitrix1

3: Aterenum Nox

4: ShadowSwimmer77

5: Natalo